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MEMS based programmable oscillator cuts power by 66%

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SiTime has announced what it claims to be the industry's lowest power high frequency oscillator. According to the MEMS specialist, the SiT8004 reduces oscillator power consumption by up to 66% and has been designed for high performance networking, video, computing and storage applications.

MEMS based programmable oscillator offers power reduction of 66Piyush Sevalia, vice president of marketing for SiTime, said that reducing energy usage is a key goal of electronics manufacturers. "Typically, quartz oscillator suppliers do not have analogue circuit expertise as they buy their oscillator die from semiconductor providers," he said. "Therefore, they have not been able to deliver low power devices for high frequency applications. Not only does (the SiT8004) reduce oscillator power consumption by up to 66%, but it is also a drop in replacement for quartz oscillators, which allows system vendors to reduce energy usage with zero design effort."

The MEMS based programmable oscillator features 6.7mA of typical current consumption at 125MHz. It supports frequencies between 125 and 150MHz,

Chris Shaw
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